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Sensual Massage | Jul 29, 2014

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Playing Time: 33:14 Minutes

Members' Comments

action between the players
love to see more interaction between the model and the mussese
A modest erotic massage
Very beautiful and sensual - but I miss a more erotic element in this scene. Bara avoids real eroctic stimulation except at the very end where she carefully uses her thumbs on the mons veneris. To call this an erotic massage is a bit false advertising - it is a wellness massage. I accept the tantra philosophy and to move slowly towards climax, but to me this film is a bit too slow. Otherwise, I am an admirer of your Work and will go on following your fine Work also in the future.
Bara - Awakening the Senses
A gentle, sensual massage, despite the token employment of feathers, fur gloves, whip and paddle lightly to stimulate the model's skin early in the action. It all seemed rather tentative, as if Bara were literally feeling her way towards something more confident. It would be very interesting to see how she massages Mike, Alex or Brendon.
Great therapist!
Loved the video! Would love to see Bara in more videos.
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Tantric Touch

Give her whole body pleasure.

Watch and learn from the magical hands of our Tantra Therapist, Bara. In this sensual film bright orange feathers, soft furry gloves, paddles and leather whips are all used to awaken the senses.

This is your lesson in how to treat a woman in bed. When you take the time to touch her like this, your girl’s body will become sensitive to every touch.

So when the hot action starts, she’ll just be waiting to explode.

Models in this massage: